What Our Students Say

Brinda Kamdar, (14th Graduation )

The advance course in floral design at IFD has enhanced my skills and techniques of floral design. I have learned so much in this short period of time. I will definitely execute this knowledge in my business of décor. The teachers here have a lot of experience in this field. They were always there to mentor me and bring out the best in me. Even though I already have a set décor business, this course has opened my eyes to so many different and innovative ways of decorating events. I have definitely become wiser and more independent after completing this course. I would recommend this course in IFD to all budding floral designers. Thank you to all my IFD teachers for taking me through this wonderful journey of learning how to use flowers effectively in my floral designs.

Viral Patel, (14th Graduation )

My love for flowers transformed into passion and profession, thanks to IFD. IFD has provided best platform to beginners like me with perfect curriculum start from basic knowledge to end up with professional approach. Best efforts of well experienced faculty, shaped us very well with their guidance. Special thanks to all our faculty and Director Yours thankfull

Drashti Vora, (14th Graduation )

Have been a student at IFD in the 2018 - 2019 batch. Let me start off with the experience. The past 9 months just flew away and it feels like it was just yesterday when we started off. I used to look forward to a Tuesday and was always excited about all the amazing things we learnt. It was simply wonderful. The teachers, the syllabus, the 3 semesters were all perfect. From a layman who thought of only a rose when someone spoke about flowers, I am now confident enough to create some exclusive arrangements with a varied range of flowers. Here, one just falls in love with flowers. So Thank you IFD and Thank you to all my teachers for being so patient and imparting so much knowledge to us.

Rekha Dalvi, (14th Graduation)

It was a pleasure for me to be associated with your esteemed organisation for the past one year. It was my passion for real and fresh flowers and arranging them beautifully since childhood, which I could accomplish here at IFD . The course is vast and extensive. It teaches you everything about flowers and foliage, colour schemes, styles, techniques. Principles of floral arrangement, and tips for setting up your own business. The workshops conducted by IFD are worth attending. Our teachers were very cooperative and knowledgeable always ready to answer our queries and helping us at all times. I will recommend IFD courses and workshops to all those who have a dream of becoming a floral designer. Thank you Seema Ma'am and her team for their cooperation.

Divya Bajaj, (14th Graduation)

Had joined the the Class with the intention of doing the basic three month course but as it progressed I got so hooked on to what was being taught .that I took on the complete course for a year. The teachers are very helpful and class very informative ..and Seema Mam guidance a add-on perk to it... The IFD has designed it very well.. It not only gives you physical access to information about flowers but also helps you theraputuically ..Each class ends with a fulfillment within.. Highly recommend to do it..

Karishma, (14th Graduation)

Learning floral decor with IFD has been a very satisfying and rewarding journey for me. To work with flowers is very meditative and soothing. The teachers have been very helpful in guiding us how to bring this natural beauty in peoples day to day life in creative ways. From dinners, parties to weddings, learning with IFD has given me the confidence to bloom. The course teaches us not miss out on the finer details. I am glad to be a part of IFD.

Priyanka Gala, (14th Graduation)

My Name is Priyanka Gala Vora and I will be graduating as a Floral Designer from Institute of Floral Design this April’2019. IFD has been a great learning experience with a very well thought about syllabus and an amazing teaching staff. IFD gradually takes you through the learning process of the floral market and lets you explore it. Introduction to market vendors, Different seasons for the different flowers and durability of the floral material is best understood in the span of the entire course. Being an Event Designer, it has helped me immensely in my profession. IFD ensures you shine like a diamond at the end of the course. I am thankful to the entire staff of IFD for making this course so memorable as well as enjoyable.

Delilah Gundale, (14th Graduation)

IFD has given Wings to my Dream of becoming a Floral Designer! I was a Banker, then a Homemaker (after my kid). I wanted to start a business and at the same time not neglect my family responsibilities. IFD has helped me achieve my goal. I am grateful to all the Lovely, Knowledgeable Teachers for being Supportive & Encouraging. You all have always encouraged me to challenge myself. Thank you very much.

Prajakta Karekar, (14th Graduation)

Institute of Floral Design is inspirational part of my life towards flowers, nature, as well as new creations. Teachers and their friendly attitude towards students is great. Amazing experiences with IFD . Thank you IFD for being a part of my life.

Megha Jha, (14th Graduation)

I joined IFD only with a view of learning floral arrangements in better way ...but, never knew that this course is going to give me confidence of starting a venture of my own in Floral designing. Along with the regular classes, workshops too at IFD have helped me lot.
I am thankful to all the teachers of IFD who are great motivators.

Bhavana Bhalaria, (14th Graduation)

I have learned a lot of new techniques in the IFD course. The teachers were extremely supportive and kept on motivating me throughout. It's a hands-on course and it's curated in such a way that my learning happened even outside the classroom environment.

Pushpalata Chindalkar, (14th Graduation)

My passion was turned into reality here. Now I can see my career ahead. I would like to thank and my gratitude to all teachers of IFD and Seema mam. They inspired us to learn new techniques as well at the various workshops. The learning and great experience which I earned from the institute will help me to go further. The journey of nine months was great and will be cherished forever. If you are looking forward to learn creative and innovative floral concepts IFD is the right place for you.

Nikki Motwani, Biotech Engineer, (14th Graduation )

I always had love for nature and passion for designing, IFD gave my love and passion for natural beauties, a purpose that I can now take up as a profession. 9 months just flew by, it’s been a wonderful journey at IFD. Great course, fun, exciting and very informative. I got to learn all the basic designing principles, elements, techniques and many different styles. It’s a pleasure to learn in such a stimulative and supporting atmosphere. Totally an enriching experience.
I would like to thank all my Teachers for sharing their knowledge and experiences with us. You’ll are Wonderful. I am very grateful to all. Thank you so much!!

Kalpa Vora, (14th Graduation )

It's quite surreal that the day i enrolled for IFD, it was my 50th B'day. I love art and was always looking for an opportunity to enhance my creativity. And doing the floral designing course from IFD is definitely more than an opportunity. It is a platform that has given me a chance to stand strong on my own and start my own business at this age. Kudos to all the teachers who have been so supportive and encouraging over the 9 months. I still remember the first day when I had to create an arrangement on my own and I was completely blank. Our professor stood with me boosting up my moral until I was satisfied with what I had created. Since then i have developed an entire new level of confidence. Looking forward to doing wonders with flowers and this has been possible only because of IFD and all its teachers.

Reena Chokani, (14th Graduation )

My journey with IFD started when I chose to learn floral designing professionally. And I am glad that I made a right choice by choosing IFD for the same. Here I got hands on experience and every bit knowledge related to using of flowers, foliage, accessories etc. This course gives you both theoretical and practical know how for treating, handling and using of flowers foliage which is very important if you want to take it professionally. After completion of this course I have gained lot of confidence in myself to take this as a profession. I would highly recommend taking this course even if you have little passion for flowers as it is very useful in your daily routine life too. I would like to thank all my faculty for the lovely enjoyable experience. Special thanks to our teacher for showing confidence in me and encouraging me that I can do better. Thank you for all your love, support and valuable guidance.

Justina Lipto, (14th Graduation )

Gratitude to the Lord almighty for being there, each step of my life! It was an immense pleasure to spend 9 month’s course with IFD. It was like a dream coming true. I am really grateful to Seema Ma’am who gave all the guidance to opt the 9 month’s course. You are available 24/7 with your cheerful voice. Kamini Ma’am, I really owe you for the relentless effort, you took to train us. All other faculties and staffs were always there to help and offered great support. I really enjoyed each and every moment in IFD and felt that our mind and body becomes unique in each design we learned to create with your guidance. Be Happy! Be Creative! Cheers!

Nandhini Ashok, (14th Graduation )

Please accept my deepest thanks. I am grateful to you for a wonderful learning experience. This program was highlighted with rich array of colourful fragrant, beautiful flowers and creative touches. Thank you for encouraging to experiment and create beyond the expected. I am pleased to learn the real floral world with you. I am thankful to assist faculty for being with me in my difficult time. My sincere thanks to Seema for making us aware of this beautiful program and apt coordination. Thank you all once again!

Neena Parekh, (14th Graduation)

An innovative experience of which I shall keep the receipt. I lived every moment of it. My teachers shared their knowledge while heartedly. Thankyou Ifd.

Hetal Shah, Dietician And Nutritionist, (14th Graduation)

Since I was little I was always drawn to flowers, loved to get them home and arrange them in vases, I never imagined I would be doing a professional floral designing course later on in life ! Many many thanks to IFD which I just chanced upon …I am so happy I did their 9 month course. It has an extremely well designed comprehensive curriculum with theory as well as practical training to make you a trained floral designer. All teachers are excellent. Special thanks to our teacher, who was ever so encouraging & inspiring course teacher and Seema Ma’am who is so knowledgeable in all aspects of floristry for her able guidance. IFD gets a 5 star rating from me!!

Yashoda Shetty, (14th Graduation)

IFD has been a boon to me. Flowers have changed my life. I actually talk to flowers now, it’s a whole different world by itself. It has brought out the creativity in me. Even though still an amateur, but with experience and the guidance of the good teachers around me the concept of bouquet has changed. I am really honoured and grateful to all the teachers who have taught me and evolved me into a different person.
Thanking you all for the effort and guidance.

Theresa C., ((5th Graduation))

I had learnt and taught about the life of flowers. Now after the IFD course at Pune, I learnt how flowers bring COLOUR to our lives! Thanks to Saroj Madam today FLOWERS have taken over my life!

Aparna Chalwadi , (5th Graduation)

My journey with IFD has made me a completely different person right now.When I joined IFD I was complete zero about flowers.As day passed the institute made me believe in myself.It digged out all my hidden talent and love which I had for flowers.So all thanks to my teacher saroj mam and IFD for giving so much of knowledge to me.

Shilpa Bhupendra Sawant, (5th Graduation)

IFD offers learning flower arrangement based on principles and techniques. It is a unique solution for upcoming floral designers in India. Faculty here gives personal attention to every student. Through event decoration assignment students gets opportunities to come up with new ideas and acquires knowledge to handle event decorations in outer world. After completing this course I got the confidence to start my own business in flower designing.