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  • Can you give me a brief about the course and course outline?
    The floral designing course is a technical vocational certificate program. It’s spread over 36 weeks. Classes are held once in a week. The duration of each class is 3 hours. The course is bifurcated into 3 semesters. Semester 1 - Beginners Semester 2 - Intermediate Semester 3 - Advanced Each class tackles both the theoretical and practical applications of a given design topic. At the end of each semester, students are subjected to an oral, written and practical exam. At the end of the course students are awarded with an advance certificate. The course outline is what differentiates IFD’s certificate program. It encompasses everything about the art and science of floral design including the commercial aspects. In class, we do not just discuss the theories of design or show techniques and approaches to particular design styles but we ensure every student is monitored so that he is capable of independently executing a floral design with his own creative style which is technically and theoretically correct. The course starts with the introduction to floral trade, tools, flower care and handling. Students gain knowledge on how to extend the shelf life of all flowers. The class then tackles lessons like colour theory, Principles and Elements, Techniques, Styles and various forms of floral design. Students then go onto exploring and exhibiting their individual creative talent by creating arrangements for minor and major events. It is expected that at the end of the course, students should have compiled a portfolio comprising pictures of their arrangements. IFD is just not a design school. The course is designed in a manner to teach students how to earn a living from this art. Class size ranges from 8 to 15 students per batch. This enables the instructor to carefully monitor and individually guide every student during class.
  • I am a florist and have been in this business for the last few years, why then do I need to start this course at the basic level. Why can’t I just join the advanced level?"
    Without exception everyone starts with class 1. There is a structure to the whole course which gives an in depth knowledge on all aspects of floral design. Each class is interlinked. At our institute we have enrolled florists, floral designers and event coordinators who have been in the industry for decades. All students are brought together by this simple thought – there will always be something new to learn.
  • What is course fee?
    For information related to fees, we request you call our Institute on +91 976976 8838.
  • Does course fee include the material?
    All the floral requirements for the first 5 classes will be provided by the Institute. Thereafter students will be required to purchase their own material for each class. A comprehensive list for all required materials for the next week is always give at the end of every class. This practice is adhered to, so as to groom the students to help them develop confidence for sourcing of material.
  • In case I don’t get time to organize for material for a class, what are the available options?"
    In case the student is unable to arrange for material pertaining to a particular class, he can coordinate with the class faculty who shall facilitate to order the material through the Institute. Student will have to make payment for the flowers provided even if they do not attend class.
  • What happens if I miss a class?
    You have the option of attending the missed class at any other branch provided that class is available. The regulations of the institute demand 80% attendance from a student. A student who does not meet this criterion will not be allowed to take exams at the end of the semester. This would also restrict entry to the next level in the course.
  • What is the certification that I would receive at the end of the course?
    At the end of the course the student receives an advanced certificate from the Institute of Floral Design and endorsed by Mexican Institute Instituto Mexicano Floral Technico (IMTF)
  • What would be the opportunities available after finishing this course?
    Floral design is emerging as a lucrative career. In India the demand for a qualified floral designer is catching up. Nowadays flowers are used for numerous occasions and there are very few formally trained professional available in this designing field. As a certificate holder you will have a lot of available opportunities to: Work as a floral designer for corporate houses, hotels, clubs, restaurants, political relays etc. Start your own floral boutique, cater to online floral and gifting business. Be a team manager who designs and supervises minor/major events like parties for birth days, anniversaries, inaugurations, baby showers, corporate events, award functions, pre-wedding and weddings. Work as a intern &/or coordinator with event management companies.
  • I do not have any knowledge or background on flowers. Would I be able to join this course?
    This course starts at the most basic level. In each class you will have a thorough explanation on the theory via AV presentaions and design sketches, followed by a hands on experience. Where necessary you will receive printouts and worksheets related to the course.
  • What are the class timings and when do the batches start?
    We have classes on different days of the week. Every school has its own class calendar and time. Classes are generally held on Monday to Saturday between 10am – 5pm. We usually start new batches during the month of February and June of every year. If we have a group of students’ eager to start a class other than the aforementioned months, we make provision to commence class in accordance. Registrations to the next upcoming batches are always open. Special Early bird discount are available for advance enrolments. For all enquiries you are requested to call +91 9769768838
  • Where are your courses conducted?
    Institute of Floral Design has branches at different locations in the city. The schools are located in areas with easy excess to public transport to make it convenient for students commute. We keep adding new locations periodically. Please call +91 9769768838 to check on the nearest branch.
  • Do you guarantee job placements on completion of the course?
    The institute does not guarantee placements. In case of floral designer requirements from the industry, the institute has a referral system whereby interested students are shortlisted on their overall performance during the tenure of the course.
  • On completion of the basic floral design course are there any other courses available with the Institute?
    After completion of the advance certificate course, we have the specialty courses. These courses are a set of 5 classes per module. The focus is on teaching complex techniques by using chicken wire, cane and natural material to build mechanically sound armatures used for achieving a specific look. The instructor coaches each student to ensure that they are successful with creating their armatures. The Institute also offers Fun with Flowers and leaf Manipulation workshops. These are series of differently themed workshops. Each session is 3 hours of fun where students experience a wonderful hands-on floral art workshop and learn to create incredible floral arrangements. All flowers and materials are provided. Participants take home a complete floral design to show off to family and friends!! Anyone can attend the “Fun with Flowers” workshop. NO prior floral design background or experience is required.....A great inspiration to learn floral design skills.
  • Do you offer any classes outside Mumbai?
    Yes we do. Currently we have a branch in Pune where our advance certificate course is available. Plans to expand to other Indian metro cities are under way
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