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About IFD

India’s only Floral design school with International Affiliation. IFD takes pride in being able to offer an International and structured curriculum attractive to both men and women who aspire to become professional floral designers with plans to build a successful and rewarding career in the floral industry. As a certified floral designer, opportunities would be available with….. event companies, wedding planners, corporate and hospitality sectors, online floral gifting portals and/or the goal of owing and operating one’s own retail floral business. The course is also beneficial for those who desire to acquire floral design skills for personal enjoyment and/or develop a therapeutic relationship with flowers to combat today’s evils of tension, stress and depression.

  • Institute of Floral Design (India) is closely associated with and receives complete academic support from IMTF (Mexico). 

  • IMTF is a member of and an Education Partner of the highly acclaimed American Institute of Floral Designers (AIFD).

  • IFD is the official education training partner for Floristry Skills, in association with Agriculture Skills Council & National Skill Development Council India. 

  • IFD is the first professional institute in India to provide a structured education in floral design.

  • IFD is the only Institute that offers a certificate course in floral design.

  • The curriculum of IFD has been adopted from IMTF(Mexico), based on AIFD's requirement for Floral Designing.

  • To cater to the local market demand the curriculum has been modified to Indian culture, tradition, and taste.

  • The curriculum has lectures, demonstrations, AV presentations, hands-on practice, and critique.

  • A wide selection of fresh flowers and foliage is used throughout the program and each student works on his own, under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

  • Each class is informative and focuses on floral concepts which include color theory, elements and principles of floral design, design forms, techniques, and flower arranging skills.

  • Class size is limited to ensure that each student receives individual attention.


Instituto Mexicano Tecnico Floral (IMTF- Mexico) is an education partner of the highly acclaimed American Institute of Floral Design (AIFD). Under the mentorship of Ms. Rocio Silva (CFD, AIFD) and Sr. Luis Silva (CFD, AIFD) a number of students from Mexican schools have received AIFD certification after having successfully completed the AIFD training.

In Mexico, IMTF has over 8 branches of professional floral design schools. IMTF is recognized by the Mexican Federal Government. They are closely associated with Smithers Oasis group and assist to promote globally, a certified education program based on the art and craft of floral design. IMTF has devised a comprehensive curriculum based on theoretical and practical aspects of floral designing. Their course is extensive and aimed at arming student with thorough knowledge and skills to become successful professional in the floral industry. For students who have completed the 9 months of diploma program, IMTF offer the specialty courses which are a 5-week theme-based certificate program.

IPHFT Institute of Philippine Floral Techniques - affiliated with IMTF (Mexico).

Meet Our Team

Seema Jhaveri.jpeg

Rocio Silva ( CFD, AIFD )

Director IMTF

Rocío is a Certified Floral Designer (CFD) and an accredited member of the American Institute of Floral Designer (AIFD). She is also an AIFD certified floral evaluator/judge.

Coming from a family who has owned retail flower shops in Mexico for over 50 years, Ms. Silva has been part of the floral industry all her life. Since 2004 she has served as the Managing Director of Instituto Mexicano Tecnico Floral (IMTF) Mexico. Under her able leadership the Monterrey School in Mexico has graduated more than 3000 students.

Ms. Rocio has a degree in Communication Science. She is a co-creator of the floral design curriculum and has also authored and edited textbooks for all IMTF schools in Mexico. She collaborates with the publishers of Latin American Magazine “Arte Floral”. She has been a floral columnist in one of the most important newspaper in Mexico.

She's an avid gardener. She has successfully completed several gardening courses from National Gardener Association (Mexico) and she is now a judge in gardening and landscape design.

Seema Jhaveri 

Director IFD

Seema Jhaveri Is the Director of the Institute of Floral Design (IFD). She holds a degree in computer science, and is a certified jewelry designer and counselor. Her passion for working with flowers was fuelled by her floriculture experience having handled flower exports from Kenya to various European markets. After her intensive training at IMTF Mexico, she focused all her energies on establishing in 2011, the first floral design Institute in the country.  From a single branch in 2011, she soon went on to open multiple branches in Mumbai, One in Pune, and an international branch in Kenya.

Having understood the demands of the Indian floral Industry she tweaked IMTF’s course curriculum to include Indian tradition and culture alongside international design aspects.  To further promote floristry, she introduced short-term courses and workshops.  She has authored a number of articles on floral design for premium magazines and leading newspapers.

Since 2016 she has worked with various government agencies to introduce floristry as a new-age vocational skill for schools & colleges, which should be offered at various government institutes, with the ultimate objective of providing Indian youth with an industry-relevant skill training that would give them career opportunities in rapidly expanding floral industry.

In 2017 Seema was nominated by the Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) & National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) as the official floristry expert/jury for the WorldSkills. As a training partner for floristry, she now spearheads floristry skill training through IFD and has mentored candidates for the WorldSkills 2019 - Kazan and 2022 - Helsinki Competition.


Teacher IFD

Daisy is a graduate of Bajaj Institute Mumbai, from where she completed her BA and DMM.

A member of IFD’s core team she was trained as a teacher by mentor Ms. Rocio. She’s been with the Institute from its inception. In 2012, she was sent to Mexico to receive intensive training for the specialty courses. She has also received many pieces of training from International Floral Masters. 



Teacher IFD

Harinakshi has been a faculty member at IFD since July 2011. Being part of the core team, she has been to Mexico to receive training for the specialty course.

She represents IFD at several Agriculture Universities & Hospitality Colleges to deliver Lectures, Workshops, and Demonstrations on Floral Design. On behalf of IFD, she has participated in the opening ceremony of the BMW Guggenheim lab where she showcased the use of India’s traditional marigold flower. Harinakshi is a Bonsai artist. She is an Ikebana teacher for the Ohara School and is an avid multi-disciplinary artist. She is also a trainer and jury for WorldSkills India. She updates her floristry skills by attending online classes conducted by Floral masters, namely  Gregor Lersch, Hitomi Gilliam, Per Benjamin


Teacher IFD

Kamini Johari holds a B.Sc. degree in Mathematics from Ruia College, Mumbai. Having received teacher’s training under Ms. Rocio, she has been associated with IFD since 2011. In 2015, she completed an intensive floral design diploma course under Gordon Lee.... a Hong Kong-based designer.

As a member of IFD’s core team, she was deputed to conduct an intensive teacher's training program at the Institute of floral design in Nairobi. She has been an active  member of the IndiaSkills and WorldSkills training and jury team


Teacher IFD

She is a B.Com. graduate from Mumbai University. Her passion for flowers and floral designs has helped her evolve from an IFD student to being a teacher. She began her teaching career with IFD’s Pune branch.

She represented IFD in Pune at Flora expo 2016 where she gave a presentation on Lifestyle floristry. A member at Ikebana Sogetsu School, she has conducted a number of floral design demonstrations and workshops across the city. She has been a judge at several competitions.

Saroj Joshi.jpg


Teacher IFD

Priyanka is a Science graduate who took to floral designing as a hobby. She holds Second Master's Diploma from Ohara School of Ikebana Japan.She has tutored a number of students and helped them in securing their Ikebana diplomas. She has also visited Japan to undergo specialised training with a Japanese Master. She completed her IFD Certification and teachers training under IFD's experienced teachers .She also has Participated in number of workshops ,competitions and demonstrations.


Teacher IFD


Saroj has done her graduation in computer science (B. Cs.) from Pune University. Earned the qualification of Associate Second Term Master’s course of Ohara School of Ikebana (Japan) and 1st Grade Instructor Course of Ikenobo Ikebana School of Floral arts (Japan). Done her Advanced Floral Designing Course of Institute of Floral Design.

With her vast experience in Ikebana & Floral Art, for the last 15 years she has been teaching at Indutai Tilak Kala Kendra, Pune. She has taught floral design and conducted several lectures, workshops at collages, NGOs, government and corporate organizations. She is also active in the field of professional floral designing for various clients.

From 2013 she is part of IFD team and from 2016 she has been a teacher with IFD Pune branch. She had assisted Ms. Diane Smit, a leading Dutch floral designer, at an event hosted by Dutch Embassy in collaboration with IFD at Pune in 2016.

Besides all she is passionate pressed flower deco-artist and conducts the workshops of Dried Pressed Flower Art. Her own craft pieces are rested on the walls of several corporate and individuals. She has always been interested in experimenting with medium, material and style in her floral design.

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