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Speciality Course

The next step in your professional floral designing career



The Specialty Certificate Course is part of our continuing floral education. Objective is to enhance design techniques, laying emphasis on mechanics, structure & armateurs used for creating designs.


  • Contemporary & Bridal bouquets - 15 hrs


A must for students who have completed the advance course. The bouquet specialties are 2 different modules of 5 classes each. In these modules students learn more advanced techniques on how to create armatures using chicken wire, cane and natural material to build mechanically sound structures used for achieving a specific look. The trainers’ coach each student to ensure that they are successful with creating armatures.



Specialised Workshops:


Flowers to wear: -


  • Contemporary floral jewellery - 15 hrs


Students are acquainted with the art of crafting exquisite contemporary and trending floral jewellery. They learn how to create pieces of intricate jewellery interlaced with fresh flowers and foliage. Emphasis is placed on the process of design assembly using wiring, gluing and taping techniques. Special emphasis is laid on the use flowers that are suitable for floral jewellery since there is no water source.



  • Indian floral jewellery - 15 hrs


Floral jewellery has always been part of Indian tradition and a popular trend for weeding and moms-to-be. This series of workshops was introduced to cater to the increasing demand by students wanting to learn the exquisite art of Indian floral jewellery. Students learn the art of folding and weaving petal with leaves besides the use of special flowers and pearls to create necklace, earrings, bracelets, armlets and waistband.


  • Ambience - 15 hrs


Flowers make a house a home. They radiate positive energy and a welcoming fragrance.  At this workshop one learns how to set up an aesthetic floral ambience to create a sense of wellbeing. From the entrance hall, living room, dining room, bedrooms, kitchen to bathroom students are taught how to create stylized floral arrangements using flowers and plant materials which are cost effective and low in maintenance.

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