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Leaf Manipulation

Date: 6th April 2024,

09:30 AM to 12:30 PM



Go green ….. a mantra of our era. In this workshop students learn how to adapt and combine manipulated leaves to an arrangement. The manipulated leaves add a unique style statement, making the arrangements more elegant and also making them cost effective. Adding a lush green essence lends a cool and pretty fresh look to the design. These cute leafy pieces of art can be done by manipulating leaves employing the weaving, folding, plaiting, layering techniques. In this workshop students also learn how to create eco-friendly containers, trays, table runners, mats, entrance and wall hangings. Eco-friendly items bring renewal energy, freshness and a pleasant allure to floral design. All Material Inclusive. Post workshop you can take your designs along with you.


*Pictures shown are from our last workshop & only for reference. Themes & designs will change every time.


₹. 3,500/- (Includes all the workshop material)

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